I've tried a number of times on my , but it's always been a pretty crappy experience to be honest.

If you have a , here's how you can host Pi-Hole on there instead.

@kev Do you use it as a transparent proxy as well?

@lasombra not at the moment. I purely use it for DNS.

@kev Adguard Home is worth a look as an alternative. One of the benefits being that it natively supports encrypted DNS.


@jamie I've heard lots of good things about Adguard. I really need to check it out. A lot of what I've heard is that it's better than Pi-hole.


@kev I currently run mine in a docker container but, previously ran it in a VM with DietPi as the OS. Never tried it on an actual raspberry pi.

@cooper @kev what network level ad blocker do you use, if you use any?

I run it on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it works totally OK. What particular problems did you have so you're talking about crappy experience?

@VikingKong tried it maybe 2 years ago on a Pi 3B+ also. Web ui felt slow and clunky, and the Pi kept going down. I’d get maybe a few days before it would crash, overheat maybe, I dunno.

About 6 months so I tried again and the image didn’t even work. I gave up at that point.

@VikingKong could be a bad unit though, again, I don’t know. Didn’t have time to invest in working it out😕

Yes, looks like a bad unit. Besides Pi-Hole I run on the same unit Nextcloud, FreshRSS, Kodi and Unbound for DNS over TLS which Pi-Hole uses as an upstream server, everything works fine.

@VikingKong wow! Didn’t think they could run all that. Just my luck to get a dud unit!

Oh, and I've forgotten, there's Transmission Daemon also 😊

Actually, Nextcloud's WebUI works rather slowly, but I think, it's not too fast by itself, because FreshRSS, Pi-Hole and Transmission Daemon's WebUIs which are run on the same unit are pretty damn fast.

@kev Ive been considering virtualizing my pihole, but not because of performance issues. Mostly for the fun of trying to do a k8s cluster approach. Ive been running pihole directly on a Pi Zero W for over a year now with great performance though.

@kev I've been meaning to setup a forever but I never get around to it. I've already got my going. This makes things super easy.

@mike @kev PiHole is 100% the best thing I'm currently self-hosting. It's such a massive quality of life improvement for the modern ad-bloated web.

It also kills in-app ads on your phone, it's amazing.

@mike @kev you should be able to host it on a pi zero w and it should still perform well. That said, I moved to AdGuard Home for the single binary and tls/https support among other things. Tracking is pervasive on the internet and slows down your browsing experience. Should be purely faster to not load ads and trackers.

@Luke @mike a few people have mentioned adguard. I’ve heard lots of good things about it - need to take it for a spin.

@Luke It's not so much the performance I'm worried about but the extra redundant devices running around requiring support. The more I can consolidate the better. It's because I'm lazy.


@mike @kev yeah makes sense. No need for a pi if you already have another server running.

I dunno, I set it up on a pi 1 B the other day, and it works like a charm.

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