Listened to the recent Late Night Linux podcast and decided to write a thing...

@kev How to make your Ferrarri look like a Prius :P

@kev I've seen a lot of "how to make linux look and work like mac" but this is a first

@kev Create a cron job that runs every 10 minutes that has a 10% chance of shutting down your computer without warning? Easy enough.

@mike that reminds me of that one script on stack overflow that randomly (and silently) causes a running process to terminate with an error.

@mike @kev Neh. Why not a cron that'll run a reniced-19 fork bomb at random. You have to go kill the process tree in your "task manager" once you realise your fans are running full tilt.

@kev @mike Don't forget to tweak the start menu's search algos to forget certain applications after matching them with a shorter string.

Oh, and make the notification popups slightly offset from the bottom right of the screen every time you plug your laptop into a second screen.

OOOOH, and make legacy apps blurry

Did I miss anything?

@brandon @kev @mike running apps in compatibility mode (32 bit) mode? shutting down after EVERY individual app update? 😂

@lopeztel @brandon @kev @mike make sure to have functionality stop, on random pieces of hardware, until you "update". This needs to happen weekly.

@cooper @lopeztel @brandon @kev @mike always force reboot on Monday morning when you are presenting something

And linked to an update with auto reboot when max processing noticed.

@kev I wish I had your post when I was trying to do this. It took me a few days just to get something that I was happy with.

And I would say that this experience is better than the W10 one from my mileage...especially because search actually works!

The only thing I didn't do is use the super key to open the menu because I like the activities overview more for switching windows

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