Can’t even mow the lawn in peace these days!

@kev At least their presence is moo-ving and inspirational.

@basil 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Any time the kids are in the garden, or we’re cooking with the patio doors open, you can guarantee the cow will come over to investigate.

@kev Mrs Basil and I got charged by cow once. Very unpleasant experience.

@basil I have also been chased by cows and can confirm that it is not fun. I had to dive over a fence to get away from them. @kev

Let them in. They would love to help (and fertilize too).

@murtezayesil that happened to a neighbour last year. They went on holiday and the grass got long. It was too irresistible for the cows and they ended up breaking their fence down and ruining the garden. 😳

Throw your clippings over the fence to them. They've gotten the word through the cow network, from my cattle, that they're quite tasty.

@oranje we do that when the composter gets full. They love it! But they’re starting to learn that the composter is full off goodies too! 🤣🤣

@kev mine did this every time I stepped near the pear and apple trees.

@kev meat mowers -- let them on your side of the fence. Free fertilizer too!

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