Which #cms is most privacy friendly/libre? Naively installed #wordpress on my server and noticed googlefonts and gravatar as third parties without me adding them... Is #joomla #ghost or #drupal any better in this regard?

Do you have to use dynamic site generation?
Even if it is a blog with multiple authors, you can use static site generator such as Hugo, Jekyll and (my favourite) Pelican. Pelican also generates Atom/RSS feed for entire blog or for each tag.

I use slightly modified blueidea theme in my blog and you can see it at murtezayesil.me
My configuration, theme and content is available at gitlab.com/murtezayesil/my-blo

@murtezayesil Thank you for suggesting this. It's a shopping site for a friend and I have enough time to look around for my options. Pelican probably doesn't work but I found this tutorial for Hugo snipcart.com/blog/hugo-tutoria and even though it ads some Google-stuff it looks easy to remove. Haven't researched the third parties used in that tutorial though. Hopefully there's something.

WordPress isn't bad if you can remove Google dependencies. But it can be overkill if store won't have so many items. @kev's blog uses WordPress and GTmetrix report shows no use of any Google service. If you really need WordPress, maybe he can help you get rid of Google.

GTmetrix report for one of Kev's recent posts: gtmetrix.com/reports/kevq.uk/e


@murtezayesil @mllepogany you can disable Gravatar in Wordpress from the settings. Just untick “use gravatar for avatars” and it won’t reach out for them.

Google fonts is likely being used by the theme that you have chosen. However, I know the default editor uses a google font for the preview - no idea why. That can also be stripped out with functions.php.

@kev @murtezayesil Thank you! Got rid of Gravatar in a simple click and I'm very happy about that. Regarding fonts, you mean the functions.php-file located in the wp-includes folder? I found the css-part that mentions fonts but not sure what to remove. Will do more research. Very nice it's possible either way!


@mllepogany @murtezayesil this thread that I started on Wordpress support forum should fix the issue for you:


If you’re using Google fonts on your theme, you will need to make a child theme and self-host the fonts you want to use. Here’s how:


@kev @murtezayesil Awesome, thank you so much! Works perfectly. Will be on the lookout what themes, plugins I ad from here to minimize as much spyware as possible. Having a 'clean base' as much as possible is the main point for me.

@mllepogany very welcome. For what it’s worth, the theme on my site is a pretty clean base to work off.



I agree with @kev on how clean his theme is. When I was trying few blogging platforms to decide on which CMS or SSG I should use, I tried his theme. It was so clean, I thought I was doing something wrong that it wasn't loading.

Now I use Pelican SSG instead of WordPress CMS 😁


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