@kev Synaptics devices has short lifespans ("the goal" is up to 5 years) and it's not open source. Those are to deal breakers that should be enough to boycott them.

Also. You're comparing a complete NAS that comes with a whole operating system, that features a set of tools and a whole package tree with multiple features with one very nishe software that does one thing; syncing and sharing files and data across devices.

It's like comparing a construction company with a hammer.


@hund I don’t know. A lot of people compare the two as they’re obvious choices for a home server.

Nextcloud is much more than a simple file syncing tool. It’s a whole platform too at this point, albeit a poorly implemented one in my opinion.

I don’t agree that platforms should be boycotted just because of their business model. Synology provide a really good platform that’s worthy of the investment, I think.

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