@kev Thanks for that. I've been contemplating setting up a home server with Nextcloud and this gives me some additional data points to consider.

@sbanwart I would definitely say to give Nextcloud a try. Although I had issues with it, it may be adequate for your needs. Don’t discount something based on my opinion alone. I’m an idiot. 😁

@kev I enjoy my as well. Which model are you running? I have a 216j which I'm on the verge of upgrading due to lack of transcoding.

@jameskupke I have a DS218+. I upgraded the RAM to 6GB. Great device.

@kev Thanks for that. I've been thinking Nextcloud, but I didn't know about other options. Time to do some diggin'.

@Scottws you should still give Nextcloud a try. It is great at file syncing. All depends what you need out for though.

@kev I occasionally use my friend's NextCloud (which he likes quite a bit) and had the same experience as you, to say nothing of the file transfer problems I encountered. It took several tries for me to upload a 20GB file and we had to split a 5GB file into 500MB chunks just so I could download it.

I think I mentioned the same conclusion to my friend: they need to focus on getting good at their core feature set and work on the other stuff later.

@jbauer agreed. I honestly think the reason people love it so much is because there is nothing comparable in the open source world.

They make it really easy to get going, but their overall product is sub standard IMO.

@kev Synaptics devices has short lifespans ("the goal" is up to 5 years) and it's not open source. Those are to deal breakers that should be enough to boycott them.

Also. You're comparing a complete NAS that comes with a whole operating system, that features a set of tools and a whole package tree with multiple features with one very nishe software that does one thing; syncing and sharing files and data across devices.

It's like comparing a construction company with a hammer.

@hund I don’t know. A lot of people compare the two as they’re obvious choices for a home server.

Nextcloud is much more than a simple file syncing tool. It’s a whole platform too at this point, albeit a poorly implemented one in my opinion.

I don’t agree that platforms should be boycotted just because of their business model. Synology provide a really good platform that’s worthy of the investment, I think.

I use both a Synology NAS and NextCloud on a RPi 4 and I agree with your summation. However, I use them for very different purposes. Synology is raw storage and media streaming (Emby rocks!), whilst NextCloud is running my tasks, kanban project management and RSS news feeds. Using NextCloud, I was able to stop paying for Feedly, Todoist and Trello.

@ScottMortimer I suppose that’s why a lot of people install Nextcloud on their Synology. 😊

@kev I agree with you Kev , I've very recently started using openmediavault and so far I am loving it . I found that after using Nextcloud for 4+ years I thought it would have improved the android side of things massively . Sync just doesn't work properly unless you open the app and sometimes, I would have to open and close it a few times to fully sync all my files . I think you hit the nail on the head they are trying to run before that can walk . Getting file sync perfect first .....

@kev before trying to add hundreds of half baked apps . My need meet your own media streaming , backups and files storage . Although I will say I'm trying to set up a light weight caldav calendar sync server on the NAS using Radicale . But otherwise that is it I don't need online document editing and news app for feeds just simple and stable file storage plus a couple of extras . Don't get me wrong I know I can disable all this but why should it be on to start with, it should be base file sync

@kev and then add the extras . As you say though nextcloud is great software but it needs a bit more time to mature and maybe a rethink on what the primary function is.

Great article though mate 👌

@GreyLinux thanks man, appreciate it. I’d love it if there was a decent RSS feed reader fro Synology. That’s one thing that’s really missing in their offering. I’m happy with FreshRSS, but having my feeds in my “cloud” was useful.

@kev I installed Nextcloud snap package on my old laptop. I use it for for photos and files sync as well as sharing large files with friends and collaborative work on documents. I used OneDrive for this before and Nextcloud can do it all well too. I have never had any problems with the Nextcloud mobile app. In general, I'm very happy with Nextcloud.

IMO Nextcloud needs:
- Better backup solution (backing up the snap package using borg is a bit clumsy)
- Better photos web app
- polish

@kev Tangential, but relevant: I used to have Cloud Sync do off-site backups to Backblaze. The problem was that for some reason or another, Cloud Sync would stop working and there was no way for it to notify me of failures. So I would go for months with no backups before discovering the problem.

I solved the backup monitoring problem by using a Raspberry Pi, because I couldn't find any option that would work on the Synology device itself. So now I have to manage another Linux box anyway :/

@pcrock I backup using cloud sync in the exact same way. I login to my syno a few times a week for various things, so if something has failed, I’ll see a notification. Although I’ve never know it to fail.

@kev to add a data point I've been using mextcloud exclusively for file syncing and have been happy with it. I have everything on AWS and the files are stored in EFS + AWS Backup, and was actually surprised how smooth it all was to setup.

Only complaint is thumbnail generation slows my server to a halt, so I had to manually setup a plugin and cron to run that overnight. If I was less cheap this could also be fixed by upgrading EC2.

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