I've seen lots of posts and opinions recently about how email is broken, mainly due to (I think) the rise of Hey.

Here are my thoughts...

@hund that's pretty much the TL;DR of my post. Could have saved myself ~1,700 words with that! 😂

@hund @kev agreed, and I'm one of these broken people. I'm happy with the way email currently is.

@jordan31 @kev I'm not sure what way e-mail currently is? I haven't read the article yet. :)

@kev Hi Kev, I have not read your post yet, I will do it later, but email is not broken.
To me is the best way to communicate, you just need a good client and good filters.

I still miss my blackberry :)

@ggarron Blackberry is without a doubt THE best way of managing mail on a mobile device. I'm totally with you there, Guillermo!

@kev I like a lot of what Hey is proposing here. Just remove SMTP from the equation and replace it with a modern communications protocol. Otherwise, it just continues the stacking of initially fresh and clean new dumpsters on top of a stack of other fiery dumpsters.

E.G. Bolt the UX into Matrix and get "Hey" without the single-point of failure from a single corporate entity. BaseCamp has been fantastically stable, but it is still a single point of failure.

@kev I completely agree with your assessment. People who dislike email are typically the people who use whatever workflow Gmail presents and, quite honestly, it's terrible.

I really like this page from Plaintext Productivity about managing email

The process it describes is somewhat similar to Hey's workflow but it can be accomplished with literally any client. As revolutionary as they make it out to be, the Imbox, Feed, and Paper Trail is nothing new.

Thanks for the link. Good approach.

Reminds me a bit of Microsoft's try with the Focussed Inbox. Got it at work temporarily.

You could almost be sure, that once a day at least one important e-mail found its way to "other mails" and got lost there.

Even though I am trying regularly, inbox zero is hard. My personal solution: Everytime it gets out of hand or at least once a year, I dump all remaining mails into a year 20XX folder. To be sorted...or not ;)

@kev "hundreds of unread items in their inbox" ... animals!

Agreed, email isn't broken and i'm not convinced by Hey at all. It seems like a great concept to play with and test different workflows, but not for the average user as you said.

I also had some concerns over their Privacy & Security policies:

The whole thing just seemed odd to me so I didn't bother signing up and testing further.

@kev A lot of business users have e-mail as main "on the record" mean of communication. As long as it is used for communicating "electronic letters" which can have attachments it work just fine.
When it is used as a substitute for a chat, telephone call, to receive advertisements it looses its purpose.
I am in the middle of transferring my gmail email offline. what I noticed is that all those chat-like emails from 1990' and 2000's are gone in 2010's. (gmail used to keep chats as emails as well)

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