I love the sound of birds chirping during a summer's evening. There's just something so relaxing about it.

No other noise, just birds singing to one another. other noise except my wife on the phone to her friend! 😄

@kev Birds chirping can be quite relaxing.

Looking back at last summer there were so many birds chirping here that it was actually quite annoying.
The dose makes the poison. :)


> other noise except my wife on the phone to her friend!

if yer British, guv, that's still birds singin' to each uvver.

@kev This year the blackbirds have been going for it round me. Mrs V tells me that it's all territorial, and the tuneful song is actually a turf war. If only humanity could establish the balance of power so delightfully.

@dvavasour It’s crows for us lately, which are somewhat less tuneful.


@kev With my current sleep cycle, when the birds start chirping in the morning I know it's time for bed.

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