I've come to the conclusion that hates left handed people.

Why do they continue to refuse to make mice for left handed people?


@kev I have never seen a mouse that is specifically for left handed people, i know you can swap the buttons around with software.

The advent mouse I have here seems to be symmetrical, so not sure if that is suitable for both.

At one time you could buy rulers for left handed people, so the numbers were written in the opposite direction so rather than 1 - 15 for a 15cm (6") ruler it would go 15 - 1.


@zleap typical mice are symmetrical, so that's all good and that's what many of us use. But ergonomic mice have a lean on them that is specific to one hand or the other.

@kev Sounds like if you could find someone to make them you could have a good business idea.

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