I've come to the conclusion that hates left handed people.

Why do they continue to refuse to make mice for left handed people?

Take a look at Kensington. Most of them appear no be non-directional. I have several, and like them.

@kev @murph I would assume, it is a mere market size decision. Sure, there is probably a market for left handed mice...but for trackballs? That's even a right handed niche, isn't it? Still it would be nice for sure.

@hrodnand yeah, maybe. Other manufacturers do them though, so there must be a market for it.


@kev While I like the Orbit, the Expert and Slimblade are much better. (Not cheap to experiment though)

@kev It's time we, the left-handed minority, take to the streets and demand the respect we deserve!

@kev Yikes! Brave man :-)

Strangely enough, I write with my left, throw with my right. Actually, I'm all over the place.

It takes me 30s each time to know left from right. In fact, I just now realize I use the mouse with my right hand!

But for many things, yeah, it really is a problem (not just thinking of me).

Hip hip!

@waglo my wife is also a leftie and she's like you. She basically writes with her left hand and does everything else with her right.

I'm not that way inclined, although most lefties are more ambidextrous that our righty counterparts, I still do most things with my left hand.

@kev I have never seen a mouse that is specifically for left handed people, i know you can swap the buttons around with software.

The advent mouse I have here seems to be symmetrical, so not sure if that is suitable for both.

At one time you could buy rulers for left handed people, so the numbers were written in the opposite direction so rather than 1 - 15 for a 15cm (6") ruler it would go 15 - 1.

@zleap typical mice are symmetrical, so that's all good and that's what many of us use. But ergonomic mice have a lean on them that is specific to one hand or the other.

@kev Sounds like if you could find someone to make them you could have a good business idea.

@kev Corporations don't have emotions, they don't care because it's not worth it since the market is too small. So no, it's not worth it for them to have two production lines to sell just a couple thousand mice

@kev now, of course this isn't great, and it would be the right thing to do for Logitech to also make a left-handed version 😔

@Matter @kev I've heard the two product lines reasoning before and it makes sense. QA/QC on essentially double the PCB and plastic moulds. I wonder what would happen though if Logitech or another big manufacturer became _the_ definitive answer for left handed peripherals though. I guess I've answered my own question in a different post though. Razer did offer a few left handed options and I've bought one mouse in 7 years from them.

@Matter @kev It's not just that fewer people are left handed.

I am left handed and I don't use a left handed mouse. I don't know anyone who does.

It's a sub-section of a niche group.

@Matter @kev corporations also don't have emotions because they aren't living beings.

@kev are you looking specifically for a trackball, a productivity mouse, or just at least one with the two side buttons on the right for left handed? I'm using a Zowie FK2 and they're advertised as ambidextrous but you can switch between left handed and right handed mode. There's also no software to install like Razer and Logitech. Its now working as a basic left handed 5 button mouse.


This one is on the much heavier side and is wireless, requires drivers, but may offer more buttons and options if you need them.

@Cambria I'm specifically looking for something ergonomically designed for a left handed person.

@kev I feel your pain there. I think the G903 I linked can be made to be pretty comfortable but I also used this from 2012 - 2019 and its still going strong. Ubuntu and Arch had a package to be able to control lights and DPI so I had the logo light turned off.

@kev Also they seem to have a distaste for linux, why aren't there logitech options and unifying software packages available....

@kev Someone at Logitech needs to kick their UX person responsible for their website. Issues: 1) Giving me a tablet-style interface on a desktop browser; 2) Interrupting me with a email newsletter modal while I'm shopping. Really? NOMODES people... except... Neovim.

I was curious, they still have some symmetrical mice but no "sinister" asymmetric mice. The stand-alone Touchpad is long, long gone.

If only Anker could do a treatment for these input devices...

@kev Have you taken a look at any cool mice from BenQ? I have this mouse and it's an ambidextrous gaming mouse. The FK1+ feels great as the largest mouse they offer of its style.

@kev Shame - though the guts of the older Trackman Marble Wheels are simple enough that if you had access to a 3d printer you might be able to just mirror the case and re-use most of the innards.

(Having said that, I've just opened up my "spare", and there's a metal bit that pinged off the wheel and I can't figure out where it goes 😕 )

@kev Even though I am not left handed, I much prefer ambidextrous mice so that I can switch hands to avoid fatigue. I use a logitech g pro which not only has ambidextrous shape, but the thumb buttons can be physically moved to either side of the mouse by popping off the cover. The mouse is expensive but I like the minimalist design, extreme response, high battery life, and ultra light weight

@kev As a lefty, I see "right-handed" tools as a way to exercise my non dominant hand and balance my brain. If I could not use or did not have a right hand however, not having left hand options would be very frustrating!

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