Ever wondered how much is costs to run a that gets a fair amount of traffic? Here's what it costs me to run my blog...


@kev How do I run my blog? I pay $5 to write.as. That's pretty much it. In fairness, my blog gets a tiny fraction of the traffic yours does and I spend a tiny fraction of the time on it you do, so that makes sense.

@kev That begs the question. From the perspective of someone who's super lazy (like myself), how would the $25 "Business" option from Wordpress.com differ functionally from your setup? Other than the obvious self hosting.


@mike I’d have to check, but isn’t the business hosting from WP for a single site? With my setup I can easily add additional sites for little to no extra cost.

I also host things like my RSS reader, personal wiki and a couple other sites on there.

@kev I'm sure, which is why I was asking from the perspective of someone lazy, like me, and not someone highly motivated, like you. :)

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