Ever wondered how much is costs to run a that gets a fair amount of traffic? Here's what it costs me to run my blog...

@kev that's a lot cheaper than I anticipated given the number of visitors. I really like and that's one of the last things keeping me from migrating to . I definitely don't want to manually optimize each image but I also haven't looked into API and hooking that into hugo, it's on my ever growing project list.

@shom I'm sure shortpixel can be baked into something like hugo. It's just so damn easy with WordPress. 🙂

@kev It really is... It works so well that I forgot I had shortpixel setup so when I was testing my hugo website the same images were loading slower and taking a lot more bandwidth. I took me longer than I'm proud to figure out what was going on! 🤦‍♂️

@kev You could drop that VPS price a bit and go with Slice 2048 from BuyVM for $7/mo. DirectAdmin is included if you want a web UI for management 😉

It is single core but should be more than adequate for a WordPress site

@amolith @kev I pay 1 euro per month at Netcup for my store running WordPress. I have no complaints.

@amolith @kev Webhosting. I just want it to work without work. :) I think their VPS with the same performance as Kev has is about 2.5 euro.

Ah I'd forgotten about that one. I could even give a voucher for 10% off 😉

@amolith @hund if I ever move, it would probably be to netcup. However, the free Plesk license is a big pull for me.


That actually seems alright (that is half what you thought it would cost you) but the time spend needs to definitely be taken into account.

I know you have a day job so putting that much hours into managing your blog, I definitely go yes:
it is very important that you get energized from doing this!

@kev How do I run my blog? I pay $5 to That's pretty much it. In fairness, my blog gets a tiny fraction of the traffic yours does and I spend a tiny fraction of the time on it you do, so that makes sense.

@mike I still shocked that you’re nearly halfway through#100DaysToOffload and stop chugging along!

@kev That begs the question. From the perspective of someone who's super lazy (like myself), how would the $25 "Business" option from differ functionally from your setup? Other than the obvious self hosting.

@mike I’d have to check, but isn’t the business hosting from WP for a single site? With my setup I can easily add additional sites for little to no extra cost.

I also host things like my RSS reader, personal wiki and a couple other sites on there.

@kev I'm sure, which is why I was asking from the perspective of someone lazy, like me, and not someone highly motivated, like you. :)

@kev I've got it pretty good I guess. The only cost I have is the CAD $1.17/month I pay for my domain+dns. Everything is run from a laptop in my house and even electricity is included in the rent.

@jbauer ah that’s pretty cool! Aren’t you concerned about the laptop going down?

@kev It's definitrly not as reliable as a VPS or enterprise-grade equipment but not really. If it does, I have backups and can re-deploy to another system in a few hours. Plus, critical things like email and the status page are hosted off-site.

@kev Since I use a free hosting service for static websites, I personally don't pay anything. However it looks like plenty of others are paying for the service so the freeloaders, like me can use it free. :)

@kev I use a static blog over ipfs

User hits cloudflare > ipfs gateway > my server

Do cloudflare will cache my website, ipfs is a kind of load balancer and I can just propagate my content with my servers

It is pretty n1 and fast

With global sub 300ms ttfb

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