My post on how does work is very popular, so I decided to take some time out to give it a re-write.

@kev Good read! This is like a super tiny nitpick, though, but:

> You can also favourite a Toot. [...] or a Twitter heart.

It's not /exactly/ the same as a Twitter heart, because favorites don't actually propagate. In Twitter, a 'like' is a non-deterministic 'retweet'—since Twitter shows your likes ("xyz liked…") to /some/ of your followers.

And this behavior of favorites is good! You can like stuff that you wouldn't want on your timeline without fear, since favorites are entirely private.

@kev Also, the 'Mastodon Online' link points to

@kev I think there are some private collections of cool instances. I am a fan of

@kev fantastic intro to Mastodon, Kev! It is so complete and I admire the pictures you put there --they are smooth--. Thank you.

@kev I'm not seeing a mention about how to follow hashtags. It took me some searching to get it. My finding is: depends on the client application.
If you are using Mastodon web UI, you need to enable "advance mode". There you could add new column and add the tags you are interested in.

@kev I just signed up because of the article. Pretty interesting stuff.

@kev > E.g. you can’t add “This Kev Quirk guy is a complete moron” to one of my Toots that you have boosted (although many would probably like to).


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