Anyone here on Fosstodon use a as their main machine?

If so, I have a Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock that I’ve never really used. Free to the home of a Fosstodon member if you’re happy to pay for postage and will actually get some use out of it.

Sorry folks, Fosstodon members only.

More info and compatibility list -

@kev I use a T480 as my main machine – which isn't on the compatibility list you linked, oddly enough.

I've been thinking about getting a dock, but never have. I guess your view is that they aren't really worth it?


@codesections I was thinking about getting rid of my desktop and just using the laptop, but ended up keeping it, so ended up not needing the dock. I think they’re definitely worth it.


Hmm, well, maybe I'll find one that supports a t480. Shame it isn't on that list!

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