So my typography post ended up being 1,900 words after editing. 🙂

I've really enjoyed learning about typography, hopefully others will get use from this too.


Thank you for putting out the clearest overview of web typography I've ever stumbled across! It's joined my core list of references.

@kev being an avid visiter or r/Typography , but not really knowing too much, this post is extremely useful!

@freddyym thanks, I’m glad you’ve found it of use.

@kev quite informative. I learned tons of stuff. Lots of context which is great, you dont make the mistake of "this is stuff you should know" for such a specialized topic.

@benoitj I’ve always though that “the why” is very important. Understanding context always help me to understand why I should be doing something. So I try to reflect that in my writing where I can. 😊

@kev Good article, following by me losing an enjoyable hour reading through the website!

@kev Oh, and I sent him $9 for the book, as I'm going to use it for both home and work.

@raretrack it’s a great book. I should send a donation too actually, as I got a lot of use from it.

@kev What's your thought on system fonts?

I tried using them recently and they appear to be a bit unpredictable when it comes to the representation in a browser. Do you have any hints there?

System fonts like in:

Is it useful to have them on your blog or do they make it too hard to figure the entire typography out?

@sheogorath they’re ok as a last resort, but I’d personally prefer to use fonts loaded from the server to get things how I want it to look.

If I were to use system fonts on my site, I’d end up with Times New Roman as my body and god knows what as my headings (sans fonts vary widely between systems).

Also, from the research I’ve done, system fonts are fairly low quality by all accounts.

@kev Excellent post! I think I'll be doing a typography review of my site in the near future again.

I also recently wrote a post ranting about font sizes and I'm curious what you think about it:

@kev sorry this is unrelated to your article, but what exactly is ?

@kev I was reading through the post to see if you mentioned Practical Typography and was pleasantly surprised to see that you did 😉 I've been working my way through it for a little while now and have learned a lot. I'm seriously considering buying Valkyrie and using it everywhere but the price is hard to justify right now.

@amolith I thought about buying one of his font bundles, but it's $200. They're good looking fonts though!

@amolith @kev

It's a terrific book that I learned a lot from as well.

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