@kev I like thet Pop Shop too! It's really user-friendly. Have you experienced any stability issues with it?
I tried the new Pop OS out too and the Pop Shop would freeze on a regular basis, sadly. :(

@Ghosty I haven’t had any issues with it to be fair.

@kev That’s good to hear! Probably was an issue on my side then.
This was the only thing that held me back from recommending Pop! OS to new people.

Because it frooze like 3/5 times after a short period of time.
And sometimes didn’t even open up until I did a full reboot.

@Ghosty @kev I've heard a few of these reports, and the one thing in common seems to be that each person has a magnetic hard drive instead of a SSD. Not totally certain on that, though. You could try disabling system76-power to see if it's a power profile doing this.

@mmstick @kev Weird. I've used and SSD. Will try the hack anyway.
Thank you!

@Ghosty @mmstick interesting. Both my machines are running SSD, so it seems to fit that pattern.

@kev > For example, the Telegram desktop app as a Flatpak is 783MB, whereas the DEB is just 21MB. That’s a massive difference!

Flatpak uses shared runtimes which are huge. Graphical app stores often shows total download size as a size of application. This confuse a lot of people. As before any flatpak app is installed no runtime is insalled as well. The app store shows sizes of every app that big. But actually they are not.

@konosuppa that’s interesting, I didn’t know that, thanks for clarifying.

@konosuppa @kev how does that work? Do you mean that two different apps - say Telegram and Libre Office for example - would share some code? What would the code handle? Forgive my n00b question. I’ve only used APT before so this is new to me.

@danny @kev it is less efficient then apt. Flatpak apps run completely independent from the system libs. A runtime is the base system of an app. But there are many runtimes and the most popular are three: GNOME, KDE (it is used for many Qt apps too) and Freedesktop runtimes. LibreOffice uses Freedesktop and Telegram uses KDE. For example, Firefox and LibreOffice run on the same Freedesktop runtime so the answer is yes for them.


@danny @kev and if I know right both KDE and GNOME are inherited from the Freedesktop runtime so they also shares some part of files (libs and resources). Here ostree deduplication comes into play. Which means no file is stored twice. It is content-addressable storage.

@konosuppa @kev thanks for this. Package managers have been on my top investigate’ list. Looking forward to reading those docs.

@danny @kev if you are interested in differences between package managers and know only APT, Nix/NixOS may be interesting for you too. It does things differently than all the APT/RPM/Pacman but yet shares libs effectively and allows multiple different versions of libs to coexist in the same system.

@konosuppa @danny this is really useful actually. Those huge numbers stated have always put me off using Flatpak. I may have to re-think that stance.

@kev Interesting to learn about the 100 posts challenge. In my case, I usually write on my blog during the weekends and at It's FOSS for the rest of the week.

Seems that I have a good schedule in place as of yet to avoid burning out 😅

I did a clean install of :popos: 20.04 on my laptop and after 1 week of usage, everything was taking 3 to 5 times more time. I installed it on SSD and start experiencing HDD speeds after very short time.

I had slow downs with earlier versions of Pop but they weren't this aggressive. There is a long way until :system76: can provide similar experience to their devices running :popos: on every device that can run :popos:.

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad and :linuxmint: stays fast.

@murtezayesil Interesting. For me it's been superb. I suppose that's on of the drawbacks of installing on so many hardware types.

:popos: is always going to work best on :system76: hardware. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of their laptops next.

Me too. :popos: Pop_OS! maybe the best marketing campaign :system76: System76 ever done.

Who else thinks "Pop_OS!" is typefull ?

Good to here you are enjoying it, but i found it beeing rather unreliebal whicj seems off to what others are daying
May be something with my hardwere, experiencet not the same but problems on other os

@kev I'm still using the tiling window manager in , but I also have issues with windows going wonky sometimes. It seems to happen after I minimize windows and switch back to them. Some windows become tiny and impossible to resize. At least it's easy to turn off and go back to ALT-TAB.

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