Lot of talk about going on here lately, and I'm loving it!

I decided to write a post about my blogging history (and yes, it does include a link to my first every blog that's still live!)

@kev My first blog, ran for years, one picture every day.

I stopped because I stopped being interesting, but some bot bought the domain and spammed it full of ads, changed the site.

Now, oddly enough, it appears to host the original text again! No pictures sadly.

Not entirely sure what's going on...

I wish I'd have known more when I was a kid about hosting, image compression etc. Over the years I changed from host to host and the archive got more and more degraded.

@kev By the end, the earliest pictures were so tiny it was useless

I have a question, how do you do when redesigning the look of your blog with the pictures you used before in your articles. The changes made from orange-purple to blue seemed to have changed the pictures too. that's why I asked 😋

1. When you use pictures do you think about the colour schemes of your blog?
2. If yes, what do you do when you change the colours of your blog?
I hope I am clearer now😋

@globcoco ohhhhh I see. Sorry.

Yes, when I redesigned the sites, I changed the feature images too. It's a lot of work. :(

You may not have understood because of my french accent 🤣 !

I'm sure it is!
For now I am just thinking on how I can gently ease my way into blogging and give content to the people I want to help the most.

@kev Heh, I guest posted on Refugeeks back in 2012.

@kev I think this was my first blog post. It was over on Linux Rants, and was one of the old posts I migrated over to my new site. It's from 2005.

I had a web page before that, but it wasn't technically a "blog". I think I might have even had something at, but I honestly don't remember that far back, and doesn't have any records older than the 2005 site.

@kev Yep, I dug the post out of the and reposted it on, along with an even older one I found from my pre-blog days. It was just a static page I had on one of my old sites, but it was fun to read (at least for me).

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