I've made a decision about The Meta Blog. You can read all about it (and my future plans) in this post.


@kev maybe ethical ads from codefund.io could be an option?

Considering the amount of effort you put in, you deserve to get something out (even if that gets put back in!)

@freddyym I don't think I'd go down the ad route, never say never though.

I'd rather use affiliate links or something, so people get something out of it and I don't have ads splashed all over my site.

Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

@kev fair enough. I'm on the fence for affiliates. If the audience gets something out of it then great, but at what point is it just for personal gain? Something for me to think about...


@freddyym I'm looking into codefund though - I've never heard of them. If I do go with ads, it will definitely be with them. Thanks for the link.

The main advantage of affiliate links is that they're not dependant on visitor numbers.

For example, if I publish a post and 5 people use an affiliate link, the kick back I'd get would be way more than ad revenue.

Visitors wouldn't see ads, and it wouldn't cost them any more.

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