So are implementing this groundbreaking new feature. Sorry guys, we’ve had this on since the beginning.

@kev Isn't there a subtle difference? In Twitter it's always visible to everyone, and just limits who can reply.

Here you limit who can see it, too.

@sirikon that’s true. I much prefer Mastodon’s approach. If I didn’t want someone to reply, why would I want them to see the tweet in the first place?


I prefer Mastodon’s way, too. But it wouldn’t make much sense to limit message visibility to the mentioned people on Twitter because Twitter has actual direct messages and chat groups...

I think that twitters functionality is focused on twitstars talking with each other without “normal people” noise. Kind of public-private conversations for famous people

Public private chat for famous people 😂 Lets hope only famous people who want public private chat use it.

@sirikon @kev

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