So are implementing this groundbreaking new feature. Sorry guys, we’ve had this on since the beginning.

@kev Isn't there a subtle difference? In Twitter it's always visible to everyone, and just limits who can reply.

Here you limit who can see it, too.

@sirikon that’s true. I much prefer Mastodon’s approach. If I didn’t want someone to reply, why would I want them to see the tweet in the first place?


I prefer Mastodon’s way, too. But it wouldn’t make much sense to limit message visibility to the mentioned people on Twitter because Twitter has actual direct messages and chat groups...

I think that twitters functionality is focused on twitstars talking with each other without “normal people” noise. Kind of public-private conversations for famous people

Public private chat for famous people 😂 Lets hope only famous people who want public private chat use it.

@sirikon @kev

Nope, Mastodon's implementation of direct toots is much better. Direct toots in Mastodon are only visible to those mentioned in toot.

Twitter's implementation doesn't change who can see a direct tweet. Anyone can see and like while only those mentioned can reply.

Twitter's implementation is an amazing opportunity for fake news spreaders since they can mention themselves and nobody can reply and correct their fake news.

Twitter without this new feature will be the better Twitter.


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