Advice for any would be bloggers out there who can’t be bothered learning the technical side of blogging.

No excuse not to join#100DaysToOffload now! 😊

I am currently writing a blog post to announce about a collaborative challenge I was planning. It is a challenge to produce an exhaustive report of blogging platforms.

I will share link after page is online.


@murtezayesil would it not be better to do this on Github or similar? People can then clown better and it will be easier for you to manage.

Do you mean GitHub issues for managing submissions or Github markdown for writing report?
Or maintaining a repository where challenges are listed in file?


Website is hosted on Github Pages. In a way, it is already on Github 😅

Here is the repo for contributions.
First issue is for WrodPress. You can also create an issue for static websites 😉


@kev Glad to see you included @write_as as an option. I think it's a brilliant platform - with minimal investment (time and money) for people just thinking about blogging and whether it's for them.

I'll be joining shortly, need to book in time to write.

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