Oh my goodness. I've just stumbled upon my first ever blog from back in 2011/2012 - it's still live on Blogger, I can't believe it. It's very nostalgic.

Hmmm so I share the link...

@kev I actually used to pull really old blog posts from my website. I had a Tumblr account at some point, but I'm not sure I care much about that...

@kev My old blogs are long gone, but I still have most posts from them on my current website. I cringe when I read them, but I like the nostalgia and it's also a good reminder how I have evolved my language over the years.

@hund @kev Ha, me too!

Though, I may add a banner warning passers-by that these deep archives are probably more point-in-time posts, and less contemporary.

@kev Absolutely share the link!

My first one no longer exists (though I might be able to pull something up from the Wayback Machine.

@mike I will at some point. Probably in a blog post.

It would be very funny if your first blog post was about a blog post.
Imagine writing a blog post about one of your blog post which is about a blog post.

@kev @mike

@kev You inspired me to try to find my old Geocities Star Trek website, but can't find it(some other guy used the Starbase 362 name for another webpage on Geocities and seems to have been more popular), but I did end up remembering my old email addresses. No old emails, but my hotmail account has my high school address book/MSN messenger friends list.

@bsharitt honestly, I'm so glad I found that blog - I've been through all the posts. While they're not _too_ badly written for a first time blogger, they're still pretty poor.

The website design though woooh! That's all kinds of bad haha.

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