@kev I am 46 now,.
My dad is 73, you made me see how fortunate I am of being able to kiss him.
Your dad was right. You have to love waking up in the morning to go to work.

@kev Very interesting one ! Thank you verry much 🙏

@Matthieu I'm glad you found in interesting. I was concerned it would come across as condescending.

For the record, that wasn't my intention if it did. 🙂

@kev In whiwh way you thought it could be condescending ? While reading, I never thought one second it could be !

@Matthieu I don't know, I was just concerned it might come across as me being a dick. You know what the Internet can be like. 🙂

@kev that was heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for this wholesome post.

@kev Lovely to hear about your Dad. Sorry you lost him so young.

@kev This is great advice. I made the jump out of college into a risky job. It paid off, but the most effective exercise I did to sleep at night was write out the worst case scenario. On paper. Finding a job you enjoy is basically unlimited upside. Finding another job you hate (basically the worst case scenario) puts you back where you started.

@kev It's great you have a job that you love and you're able to make a living doing what you love doing. I feel like i used to be that way, but now it's just an overwhelming boredom with my current setup. I've been thinking about moving on to something else for years now, but I run into a couple problems. 1. How do I feed my kids? 2. Is there anything else I'm actually good at? Maybe when the kids are a little older and have their own source of income I can find something new and interesting.

@kev @mike Wife and kids are always a big concern! I have software that I think I would like to opensource some or all of as I think contributing to an opensource project would be more fulfilling for me. People around me warn me that I will lose a lot of my income. I will find a way to do what makes me happy.

@mike @kev I'm in almost exactly the same boat. I keeping thinking about trying something new, but doing that would be taking a significant pay cut, which would be pretty selfish to do to my family. So for now I'm waiting for at least 2 out of 3 kids to grow up and in the mean time, use my current decent income to set myself to be in a good position to attempt a reboot in a few years.

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