@kev Nice! Congrats! It's funny as I made a few posts on pull requests recently. Always something new to learn!

@kev quick, someone endorse him as a git pro on LinkedIn.

@kev glad to see understand the potential it now opens up =)

@phillipcouto @kev probaby how you want to populate your system w apps anyway, right?

@johnbessa @kev can you elaborate a bit more? Trying to understand what you mean by "populate your system w apps"

@johnbessa You could do that but it does come with a huge effort on having the compiler environment configured properly on your machine. It is a trade off, complexity in your setup for the utmost control in which version of the software is running on your machine. I can give you an example that one of the applications I work on consists of Go, VB.NET, NodeJS, Vanilla browser javascript, Angular, and APL.

That is a nasty environment to have to build all of that just to run on your machine.

@johnbessa seems like a huge waste of resources to me. What's the point in compiling yourself if it's already compiled and in the repos?


@kev @johnbessa there are a few reasons:

- No repo or build available for your OS
- Bug that was patched in the source code but not in an available build
- Change the configuration of the software that utilizes build flags (can exclude support for old CPUs for improved performance)
- Apply a patch to the source code to enable a specific use case on your machine (expose functionality that may be useful to you)

Just to name a few :) definitely not for easy app management.

@phillipcouto yeah, I get those circumstances, but under normal circumstances, just when you're installing software, this is a waste.

That's what I think @johnbessa referring to.

@kev @johnbessa yeah exactly.
Just use a binary if you just want the app. If you are using Linux the package managers make maintaining the software a dream compared to macOS (software not in AppStore) and Windows.

@phillipcouto @kev
ok you win, me thinking 20 yrs back when everything was straightforward, and we added gcc hardening add ons which I guess is implied now
- and there were fewer vulnerabilities

F-Droid guarantees compiles from specfic tarball

@kev Nice! Now you can get into the fun of branching strategies and pick a side of the merge vs rebase war!

@kev nice!
A lot of doors opens knowing anything, and in the case of git, control of what, how and when was something done to, at some point, take action or just knowing the history and context.

If I may have my unsolicited advice, I think the next config step is add signed commits to your git workflow using PGP/GPG

The above suggestion is to add to the mix the who did that piece (for sure).


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