In preparation for POTENTIALLY deleting my account at some point in the future, I've created an Identities page.

Keybase aside, it's probably good practice for me to maintain something like this on my own site.

@kev I recommend turning POTENTIALLY into DEFINITELY

@sir I originally didn't have "potentially" in there, but decided to add "potentially" in case I open an online account and forget to update that page.

@frederikstroem @sir nothing is wrong with it as far as I’m concerned. But this is the situation:

@kev @frederikstroem response to your blog post:

A pretty good reason to move away from Keybase is that if Fosstodon claims to be a place for free and open source software enthusiasts then it should conduct its business using free and open source software

@sir I disagree. Fosstodon is a place for FOSS enthusiasts to come together. It isn’t a playground for FOSS elitism or snobbery.

We _should_ use whatever tool we deem to be the most suitable for the job. At the moment, that’s Keybase.

We take a pragmatic approach to which tools we use, not an idealist one.


@kev @frederikstroem by what criteria was Keybase determined to be the most suitable?

@sir a number of reasons. Ease of use, features, familiarity with the product, places where you can use it (desktop, mobile etc).

The big one, is the fact that we don't have to maintain it - Mike and I are extremely busy people. We don't have time to maintain a raft of servers and tools. We would rather put that effort into Fosstodon.


@sir yes. But we would either need to host it ourselves (see my previous comment), or pay a fairly large portion of our funding toward a hosted solution.


@kev @frederikstroem why is using an existing hosted Matrix instance not an option?

@kev @frederikstroem @sir There actually is a very big thing wrong with it. They store your information on a public blockchain and thus you can never actually delete your data. Being able to delete your data is a basic right, is it not?

@sir @kev according to my read of the acquisition blog, Zoom will themselves turn it into a definitely

But... Can you really delete your #Keybase #identity? Isn't that the point of #blockchain? That there's a permanent record? 🤔

(I'm not a #geek or #techie, by the way. So maybe I'm not understanding this right.)

Anyway, I'm keeping mine, even though I've already got a list of my identities on my personal #website. 😶

@evelynyap I will be keeping mind for the foreseeable future too. You can delete you account, but it’s still in the blockchain, I assume.

Honestly though, I can’t really see myself deleting it unless Zoom do something drastic.

@evelynyap @kev You are correct. Blockchains are not so great as people claim!

@evelynyap @kev Keybase is not a global blockchain. Every profile has its own tree of crypto verifications. You can't delete something without proof from your profile but you can drop the whole thing.

@lukas @kev
☝️ Me dropping the whole Thing doesn't mean the Thing will cease to exist.

Question is: WHY use #keybase? The point for me joining it was so that there's an outside entity that helps #prove or #verify my other #online #identities as truly being mine.

Fear and distrust of every large entity is, weeeeell...

We could* be all* #hermits and create our own private little uber safe internets. But that wouldn't really be a true #internet, would it?


> We could* be all* and create our own private little uber safe internets. But that wouldn't really be a true , would it?

I’m not sure I agree with this. Having our personally owned space on the Internet, that’s all interconnected, is exactly what it was all about back in the day. It’s also what the are trying to achieve.


Hmm 🤔 Maybe I'm lost on #tech definitions and meanings.

We can have our own personal web space or server space. And be disconnected from everything else, like a school or company #intranet. Yes?

But we want, and are still connecting to, the outside. The #internet.

To be total* hermits, we wouldn't be on the #internet at all. But look at us. We're in it. We want it. There's no "dropping it". It's #MissionImpossible 🤔?

#NonTechie #ThinkingOutLoud #TheConversationHasEvolved

@evelynyap I see what you're trying to say. I just think that someone who wanted to be a true hermit wouldn't be interested in having a place to verify their identity (like Keybase or their own site) in the first place.

@evelynyap @kev I agree that there is value in a place other than your own to verify the identity, and #Keybase fulfills that role well.

In my opinion, their cryptographic setup is sound and there are no privacy or security risks even with new owners.

I can agree on not wanting to invest much in Keybase when you're unsure about their future, but I see no reason to #DeleteKeybase now unless you want to point a middle finger to them and Zoom for the acquisition.

For the record you don’t need a third-party to prove your identities. This could be done in a purely decentralized way: (signatures make sure it’s the keyholder that’s asserting identity and documents on social sites prove that it’s correct).

@wiktor That's nice. Unfortunately, it's much too complicated for #NonTechie people like li'l ol' me. 🙁

Yep, good point. It’s not really user-friendly at all.

(I did plan it but didn’t complete it due to lack of time… as usual :) maybe one day… )

See you! 👋

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