This post VERY different from my usual drivel. I'm talking about some really personal stuff after reading a book by British TV presenter, Henry Cole.

This is day 11 of my

@kev what does that tag mean? been searching and found only you use it lol

@ggarron I know. Maybe a little too personal, but I wanted to say it.

@kev is your blog. And we all have things inside us, only brave ones takes it out.

I “met” you in 2012, knowing you were on that hard moments in 2016 makes one feel like how little attention we pay to others.

I was dealing with my divorce back then, and I got disconnected, a few years.

Thanks for sharing.

@ggarron life is tough at times. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? 🙂

@kev Great post, Kev. Hit me in the feels, but really well written.

Very touching.
I've had to deal with one or two addicts myself growing up, but nothing as damaging as this.

@kev Life is one bitch of a journey at times.

Amazing post. I might give the book a bash.

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