Day 09 of and I'm changing things up a little. Today I tell you about the nightmare I've been having with my Oscar fish.

@kev They are beautiful fish. I’ve never heard of them before. Our fish are smart too. They know that when we stand up at the end of the evening it’s time for feeding and I’m pretty sure our Gourami was watching Finding Nemo the other day.

@jamie haha we have a couple of gourami in our community tank downstairs. We also have a goldfish tank.

What else do you have in your tank?

LOVE that I’m finding fellow fish keepers on the fedi.

@kev Well, I’m more a fish watcher than a keeper. My wife does all the work and I enjoy the fruits of her labour.

We’ve got gourami, yo-yo loaches, guppies, a variety of tetras, shrimp and a couple of snails.

@jamie sounds very similar to our community tank.

Very interesting post. Great to hear about Betty's recovery after that long tense period of uncertainty. A nice read about the thoughtful and careful interventions that possibly made the difference.

I'm curious about the bonding behavior of these fish with their owner. Could you say a little about what's different in their behavior before and after bonding and the differences they display toward you vs others?

@jrdmb Basically, they will recognise their owner and literally wag their tail fin and look very excited as soon as you walk into the room. You can also teach them to do tricks (I haven't done that).

If someone they don't know come up to the tank, they will do one of 2 things - 1) puff up and show aggression as if to say "get out of my house!" or 2) go to the bottom of their tank and lay on their side. They do this when they're sad or upset.

Oscars are very emotive fish. I love them.

@kev Fascinating, thank you. I'll look forward to any future posts or blog articles you may write about them.

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