So we have . What about where you blog about something...anything...every day for 100 days.

Not having a blog isn't an excuse - you can sign up for a free one with @write_as. 😃

Anyone interested?

@kev @write_as I'd like to think I could achieve that. But I know what I'm like and would probably break after 2-3 days 🙄

@gray they don't have to be long-form posts. Just an update, or a link to a post you read that day and though was good, bad, interesting etc.


@kev I'd be down for this. I usually only blog a few times a month so it'll be an interesting challenge. :P

@kev I'm in! Will also finally force me to program in some pagination for my blog 😂

@kev @write_as yes! We had a thing like that going on in Sweden some years ago. It was called Blogg 100 and was pretty much the same. Made you wanna blog even more than usual. Go for it. I think the time is right for a revenge of the blog.

@kev Might be exactly what I need to get me motivated.

@kev @write_as interested. It could be a good place for me to rant my anger about society and overall just things in general

@kev I'm in. Not sure most posts will be very interesting but i'll post something.


@kev Wanna try this. Maybe it'll help me learn to blog more.

@kev I’d give it a go! No guarantees on the quality of the content though... 😂

@Vollmer that’s beauty of the whole thing. The quality doesn’t matter, someone will find it interesting.

@kev @write_as reminds me of something Jordan Keys (formerly ThisWeekInLinux a long time ago) used to do, except it was per month like V. E. D. A. for Vlog Every Day in April.

@kev @write_as wow! That sounds like a major challenge. What would one fill a day with where inspiration doesn't hit?

@geekgonecrazy @kev @write_as If you find yourself lacking inspiration, you could make a post about interesting links you've seen or a quick diary-like post. You never know what'll start to flow when you begin writing!

@jbauer @geekgonecrazy @write_as exactly!

Also, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy. 😊

@kev @write_as I think I’d be down for it, would be a good way to offload my work crap.

@kev @write_as
Wow, this is quite a project all of a sudden, with a web site and everything! Nice. I'll get on board. :)

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