Which is your primary browser?

@kev Firefox all the way! Opera used to be my primary before becoming a Chrome clone and being sold 😞.

@gray @kev One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't get to use Opera while it was a decent browser. (Childhood promises-to-yourself are weird. I liked it because it had a red circle.)

@gray @kev ditto for Opera! I used it from 8.x until whatever the last version was before it became a Chrome skin (12.x?).

Opera pioneered lots of the modern UI conventions in browsers, and it had full support for CSS2 and CSS3 well before anyone else.

Things like tabs and mouse gestures are Opera-originals for example.

@kungtotte @gray Opera really was a trend setter back in the day. It was a brilliant browser.

@kev @kungtotte @gray For sure. I remember the late 90s when Opera had ads in the browser itself and you had to pay them to remove it. :P

Firefox at my Desktop/Laptop and at my smartphone/tablet

It's a tie betweem Firefox, Vimb and QuteBrowser, for me.

@kev I know a fox who uses w3m as their primary browser. :3

Depends on what i am doing. I use a multitude of browsers, tor, firefox, vivaldi, gnome web, falkon. I can't say one is more used then other, but tor might be the most used, but not sure

@kev At this point I'm sticking with Firefox because even if other Chromium/Blink based browsers are better privacy-wise than Google, they still contribute to a single platform web that could still come back and bite us like the IE6 days.

@kev I use qutebrowser - mostly because of vim keybindings and the fact that the configuration stored in a python file -, and sometimes I go on firefox when a site doesn't work (so far it's been only one).

I used to use firefox for some years until some months ago.

@kev I use Ungoogled Chromium so I chose other; not sure if that should’ve been somewhere else 😬

@kev Firefox on desktop and laptop, Safari on iOS.

@kev Why I can't pick two.

Anyways, I use mainly Firefox when I'm in GNOME and I use the Chromium-driven Falkon when I'm on KDE. Also use Firefox on Xfce and on my Android phone.

@kev My own efforts: "Odysseus".

I'm also making second "Rhapsode" which surprisingly helps me multitask, and I'll fallback to Firefox when pages I need don't work.

@chartier @kev @david how do you handle advert/element blocking without uBlock origin? Pi-hole?

@kev I'm pleased to see Firefox so popular in the community! Even as it's market share dwindles. I think it's now lower than Edge. :(

I use Firefox only when I have to now (e.g. a site requires Javascript to produce the page content)

@kev I use Brave as my primary. It's fast and there are some good built in ad-blocker, build in tor, profiles and other things. I don't care about their ad-system at all.
I'd like to use Epiphany more (which comes with Elementary OS), but sadly it doesn't play youtube or twitch at all, for some reason. Maybe it's just on my end.
I also have Firefox installed, and I use that for certain tasks.

@kev The results of your poll can't surprise you can they? I mean did you really think ANYTHING would be higher than Firefox on a FOSS based Mastodon instance? 😂

@Phaserune no, they’re not surprising, but they are interesting. I wasn’t expecting FF to have such a high percentage.

@kev I think the only thing that bothers me really about FF, is that it is the ONLY business in town doing a web browser different. It would be nice if we had at least another browser engine in the works. I mean Edge is even Chromium based now.

@kev I use Firefox because I have a bad habit of distrohopping and it's usually preinstalled. I have adjusting settings, disabling the home screen and installing addons down to a science at this point.
I really should revisit Vivaldi at some point.

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