Following my post, I decided to rewrite my site in HTML/CSS and compare the performance. Here is the result:

@kev My personal reasons to use jekyll instead of wordpress are:

- I can automate updates easier using CI
- I can run various quality insurance things across my setup before shipping stuff
- I can write blog posts offline
- Integrating and tweeking a webserver appears easier to me than writing wordpress plugins

@kev PHP needs to execute the code, output the code and then the webserver can send the data. HTML is static and the webserver can instantly send the data. There's no way that a dynamic website is faster or equally fast as a static website.

@hund well, that seems to be the case on my server. 🤣

Joking aside, out of the box you’re absolutely right, but with a few optimisations, they can be comparable. I’m not saying WP is faster, I never have, but the performance can be comparable.

@kev @hund You can cache wordpress, which in essence, makes it a static site.

It's funny, but your article motivated me to use SSG.
Performance doesn't matter for me. However, I now have a problem finding a static site generator that supports markup "microformats" for IndieWeb. For example, there is a special plugin for WP. But I did not find one for the SSG, unfortunately.

This is partly what I was looking for. thanks

@kev @touristfromhell @jle SSGs are more DIY. Some have written IndieWeb extensions for them. A lot more roll their own and then blog about it.

@randomgeek similar to WordPress to be honest. The plugins ass the basic functionality under the hood, but you still need to make it all into your theme.

There is a Wordpress theme or two where it’s all baked in and ready to go, can’t remember what it’s called though, it’s on their wiki.

I suppose that’s why it’s called the Indie web. 😊

@touristfromhell @jle

@kev @randomgeek @jle
It’s good when there is a choice. The main thing is not to mix the design (geometry, colors) and functionality (the ability to exchange data with third-party systems)
researching something...
It is possible that the SSG 'Pelican' is suitable after a little revision. I would like to try on IPFS. There are some ideas to check.

@kev Those 6 fonts are probably a bottleneck for some of the rendering. The images make up a big chunk of the loaded page, and didn't load very quickly to here (Seattle area). I'm also wondering if that line-awesome stuff would be better solved with some SVG elements.

Your hand written CSS and HTML are tidy and minimalist.

I agree with some of the other comments--interesting results!

@vandys absolutely, there are loads of improvements to be made, but my WP site uses line-awesome and the same images/fonts, so I wanted the results to be comparable. 😊

@kev has been exceedingly intuitive and productive for me. I've started with static generation but the path to server side rendering is nearly frictionless from there!

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