@kev @mike That is precisely what I do. Though I have ~1tb up there.

@ndegruchy how much does that cost you, if you don’t mind me asking?


@kev Let me check. I know it's like $15/mo at this point, which means I'm storing much more than 1tb. Probably due to version retention.


@kev @mike pretty similar time how I do it! Only I do sync deletions to B2. Instead, I have a second NAS at home that receives hourly/daily/weekly snapshots of my Synology, so I can rollback if there’s a problem. One day I should figure out how to do “real” historical backup though...

@kev @mike Why don't you use Synology Hyper Backup? Backup-wise this seems more like a mature solution to me.

@mschuster I do for my local backups. Hyper Backup doesn't support B2.

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