So I bought my wife an iPhone 8 around 3 months ago. She just asked me for my headphones, I explained that the 8 doesn’t have a headphone jack.

She didn’t believe me, looked at every edge on her phone then exclaimed “well that’s fucking stupid! I wouldn’t have got one if I’d known!”

This made my laugh more than it probably should have.

...she has now stolen my Bluetooth earbuds.

@oilyfish definitely! I dint think I’ll be seeing them again.

@kev It's a shame, the DACs in iphones were usually a lot better than the average android at the time (not including LG, their were pretty good)

@kev now YOU can upgrade. Plan worked perfectly :)

@kev Yea, my phone doesn't have a standard headphone jack either, and I really like my wired headphones. It really annoys me using an adapter too. One of the "modern improvements" I hate.

@mike @kev My wife is always loosing her adapter.

@seb I've managed to keep one around for a long time, but mostly through sheer luck.


@maniacbolts Yep. Its cheaper to buy new adapters than buying her bluetooth earbuds that she I would have to replace all the time.

@seb Bloody Apple must be loving this.

at what point does X adapters out cost 1 bluetooth headset? haha

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