It's been 3 months since I removed the comments section on my website - here's a follow up post about how I've found it...

@kev I couldn't agree more, I specifically chose WriteFreely for my platform because I wouldn't have to wrestle with comments as an option. Instead, I put meaningful public contact details on an About page, which allows for discussion but under the eyes of places like a moderated Mastodon or other Fediverse instance.

@kev You could have a toot generated automatically for each post you make. AFAIK , it doesn't take much Javascript to display replies to a post from Mastodon on a static page. Why not do that?

@floppy I already do that, if you follow @kev however, I don’t want to post any replies on my blog - in happy with them being elsewhere.

@kev @kev Have you considered gittalk?

It's basically what you said as the comment is actually a github issue but this makes things easier to implement it on your site automatically. Also you can customize it with css.

Here is a demo:

@Ashpex that looks really cool, however I wouldn’t want the actual comments displayed on my site. I’d be happy for them to stay on GitHub. That way, I don’t have to moderate them so much.

@kev the way Gilles Chehade does it seems really interesting

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