So I just ordered a new Synology NAS, some 4TB drives and a USB backup drive - this time tomorrow I’ll be back on and will be a goner.

@bou @mschuster because I want to. Also, they work better and need very little maintenance.

@jordan31 nothing bad has happened, just want something that takes less tome.

@kev Last thing I read about synology was that they still use php 5.

@sandro that's not the case anymore. Plus, that was only relevant if you were using their PHP for WebStation - I won't be serving any sites on the Syno.

@kev I got my Synology just because of so many people loving theirs (I think one of them was you). I got the DS918 with 3 10TB drives. Love it!

@mike yeah, they’re great. I was considering the 918, but decided on the 218 instead.

@kev I have a 216j. Are you documenting your migration from Nextcloud to Synology somewhere? Curious on which pieces you'll be using.

@jameskupke I’ll probably write a post about it on my blog at some point.

@kev I'd be very interested to hear more about your experience. I'm looking to move away from an old Synology (from 2011, still running well!) to something FOSS. I assume you're planning on running Synology's DiskStation Manager?

@jayc yeah, I’ve had a Synology before and really liked it. I can tell you now that my experience will be excellent with it. 😊

I am interested to see how much more performant a modern syno is.

@kev I also have had an excellent experience with my Synology. I guess I'm trying to reconcile your decision within the context of this being a FOSS specific Mastodon instance. Serious question for everyone here: how do you weigh ease of use vs. freedom?

@jayc ah ok, this post on my blog from a while ago probably answers your question:

Specifically this quote:

> Personally, I will use the OS, application or tool that I feel is best for the job. If that’s a FOSS application then great, bonus! But I will happily use proprietary applications if I feel they’re the best option.

@kev Thanks for the link! I enjoyed reading about your approach towards choosing software.

@kev I have a Synology NAS at home but I don't use it for Syncing to the cloud.

Is that your plan for yours?

@kev I think Synology devices are great, but quite expensive where I live. Someday I’ll get one, who knows?

@brwolfgang yeah, they are expensive but they are excellent. You can the slightly older models for a little less money. The one I bought lasted 5 years and only died because a power surged killed the board, had I had a surge protector (like I do now), I’m sure it would still be going strong.

@DonMcCollough no, not especially. I just trust the quality of the Syno software more.

@kev I combine the best of both worlds. I have a Synology NAS and run a Virtual Machine on top of it with Debian + Nextcloud. This way I have all the benefits of Nextcloud and the benefits of a nice NAS where I can easily replace hard disks (e.g. when I need more storage) and don't have to worry about hard disk crashes because of the RAID.

@bjoern that’s a really good solution, however Syno already has their own apps for everything I use my NC box for, and then some. So I won’t be likely to run NC on top.

@kev definitely enjoying the thread so far on this. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

@kev nice i really want to get a 718plus maybe someday

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