It’s awesome that we’re starting to see this stuff in the mainstream media!

@kev Really awesome to see! Lets see how big companies like google and facebook will react to this.

@vordenken @kev I agree! Even I've noticed some mentions in mainstream media, but that may be because I was actively searching for such articles 😛

@kev From my point of view, the same thing happens with win7. the vast majority prefer what they all use, what is fashionable even if it costs them the privacy of their data. First-hand I know many who say, "Total, Google already has all my data" so it is a topic in which we do not all know the value of our privacy. Before talking about alternatives, you have to open your eyes to many to raise awareness.

@kev Unfortunately no mention of Mastodon or the Fediverse in general. I would love to see mainstream media sources pointing the general public to distributed social media sources.

First thing, you have to explain them. Unfortunately, we tech savvy people (a.k.a. nerds) are often unable to communicate properly, mainstreamly, at least
Never heard on TV (here in Italy, at least) about GNU/Linux, free software and the like.

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