I've often wondered, don't their feet feel wet & cold? I hate wet cold feet. I had a childhood dog named Scooter that I trained to go do his thing and bring in the newspaper in the morning. He didn't like going out when it was wet & cold. And he really hated snow. That dog thought he was human.

@Tayo @kev I don't like dogs. Why do people like dogs? They are vicious creatures.

@pranav @kev
Best companions I've ever had. Of course, I'm pretty socially inept so that stands to reason. I've always been an outcast with humans. Dogs give you unconditional love. We could learn much from them.

@pranav @Tayo getting home after a tough day at work and seeing her at the door, wagging her tail and so happy to see me that she’s squeaking, is the best.

There are vicious dogs, yeah, but that’s a VERY small number of them, and it’s often caused by mistreatment from humans.

Why do people like other humans? They’re the vicious creatures.

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