Anyone fancy following along with my new series on making a ?

@kev Nice... are you using a static blog generator or its all html

i recently moved my site to hugo and i love it

@VictorXLR all hand written. It's going to be a very simple website, but may be a good learning experience for some people.

@kev fair enough.. i do feel not a lot of "normies" mind my tone use raw HTML. Site builders are all the rage now.

but it is a good learning experience for anyone interested.

Thank you..

@VictorXLR absolutely, but because of things like CMS or static site generators, many don't know how a website actually fits together. This may help in some way. 🙂

@kev I was thinking of doing something like this. I will be looking to yours for inspiration :)

@kev Also, just added your site to my minimal web design sub reddit as inspiration

@kev Did you turn off the ActivityPub feature on your blog? The last couple posts haven't come through.

@mike I did. The formatting was awful and there was no way to fix it within the plugin. Until I can come up with a better solution, I'm gonna leave it off.

@kev I'm a regular reader of your blog. Great that you take the trouble to write a series on this topic. Yes a website can exist without JS!

@kev The world goes full circle. This sounds like a class I took during summer school in HS around....95...?...?? Built myself a fanfic site for Star Trek. Only A+ I got in HS....technically the only class I got higher than a D in...Ah, memories.

@gbschenkel yeah, that’s true. Can you use your own domain with it though?

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