@kev not very good for germans. We carry a lot of cash/coins

@kev That's pretty cool. I dig those straps for pulling out the cards. I love minimalist wallets, and I've been a fan of my Trayvax for several years now.

@sbanwart yeah it looked really cool and great quality.

@kev I have something similar but more slimmed down. 👌

@kev I will be switching to having a slim wallet/phone case combo since I only need it for a few cards and I.D. I got tired of having a thick wallet in my pocket 😏

@geotechland the thing that concerns me about those, is that if you lose to ur phone, or someone steals it, you have lost your wallet too.

@kev That looks really cool! I picked up something similar a few months ago from Secrid (linked below), but it uses a trigger mechanism to release the cards, vs the tab that the Frenchie uses. I may look into a Frenchie if my current one gives out!

Secrid wallet I’m using: secrid.com/en-global/slimwalle

@Vollmer oh, that’s cool. I really like that too!

@kev I'm sorry for less fun feedback but; your website doesn't work without JavaScripts and animals shouldn't have to die so you can carry your cards in a overpriced cardholder.

@hund @kev Unless you really go 100% vegan, it's hard to completely argument that leather is bad. It's not like there are cows being raised only for leather. Many cows are raised for dairy, and eventually they will die. Then the leather and meat from these cows is used instead of being wasted.
If you do go 100% vegan though, I'm very happy. 🙂

@naavis @kev Goats are common for leather as well. I'm not vegan, but I do consume very little dairy products.

The issue is our overconsumption. It has led us to what we have today; we breed cows so they produce milk, slaughter the calf as quickly as possible so they can't "waste" any milk for us. When the cow can produce anymore milk we slaughter it to make room for the next one. And let's not even talk about how we breed more 'productive' cows.

@hund @naavis please untag me from this discussion. I have no interest in getting into this debate.

Hund, if you want to read the content on my site without JS, use RSS.

@kev Pretty cool wallet! Expensive though, considering what it is. No need for a wallet after spending all my money for it!

@murtezayesil I don't mind paying extra for a quality item. But yeah, it is quite expensive.

@kev I like the idea of having a wallet, I just don’t have anything to put in one.

Check i-Clip. Found on a Lufthansa flight. Love it.

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