Nextcloud does a lot of stuff, but I think it tries to do too much, which results in mediocre services.

Currently use it for file sync, notes and RSS. Thinking about changing up to something like the pic attached. Thoughts anyone?

@kev iCloud kinda kills the whole endeavor, doesn't it?

Other than that, it looks hella cool.

@m4iler yeah, it does. It would be a stopgap until I can find something better.

@kev Keep me posted, my dude. I need a simple interface to manage my VPS files that even my mum could use. Nextcloud is NOT it, mostly because the more I add, the more sluggish it becomey.

For files sync and backup I'm on Tresorit, but searching for alternatives since it's not free software.

@kev that's the great thing about though don't you think? You can select the services/apps you want. I saw something today from that they intend to use the same approach, does the same with addons.

I can see how you don't want all your eggs in one basket though.

@LPS on the contrary actually. Because they try to do so much, they can’t do it well. There are so many little paper cuts with Nextcloud it’s making using it frustrating.

@kev I don't think they're actually developing all the apps though right? These are independent developers. At least that's how i understood it. That's the double edged part:(

@LPS @kev Yes. You do need to choose your apps wisely. It not too different from most app stores. A mixture of greatness and junk. Its a little unfair to blame Nextcloud for subpar apps you may use.

@kelbot @LPS all the apps I use are Nextcloud developed. Like I said, file sync, RSS and Notes.

@kev @kelbot I see...I haven't used RSS but haven't had issues with File Sync or Notes personally.

@LPS I haven’t had issues as such. They all work, they just don’t work really well. There are little niggles that annoy me with all the Nextcloud apps. Performance being a big one - the webUI is so slow, even though it’s running on a beefy server.


@kev @kelbot I have to admit I'm a bit smitten with nextcloud, I'm just glad that it exists and I have faith it'll just improve with time. I've seen alot of progress in a short time. It's an essential piece of the puzzle to get regular peeps to be able to get off GAFAM

@kev I didn't mean for that to sound like I thought you were blaming NC for 3rd party apps. It was more of a general statement.

I use RSS and have uses notes in the past. Notes worked perfectly fine but is lacking more advanced features. I've been liking Carnet lately. RSS was not great but did the job fine. I use it more on mobile than anything else and a few months ago there was an update to the android app that really improved it for me. I'm happy with it at the moment.

@kev Its possible my threshold for an acceptable experience is just lower than yours too. 😃

@kelbot haha! Maybe. NC is an acceptable experience for me, that’s why I’ve been using it for a year. But I know there are better experiences out there. Like I say, they’re all just paper cuts, no single dealbreaker, just lots is annoying little things.

@kev @peter not a good idea. NC is the Framework and the other apps are mostly 3rd party stuff. And it covers all you need in every day live safely and out of the box.

@kev Are you iOS or Android? If iOS I can recommend Secure Shellfish. That sorts access to files / notes for me (via WireGuard to my home network, which I have switched on all the time). My photos live in iCloud.

@jamie I am on iOS. I’ll check out secure shellfish, thanks.

@kev I left NC to used dedicated apps :
- Seafile for sync. files
- FreshRSS for... RSS (I would like to test Miniflux too)
- SOGo for mails + notes + reminders (works well with iphone apps)

For hosting all this, I used 2 VPS :
- 1 for mail only with mailcow (SOGo included)
- 1 for other apps, managed with yunohost (I would like to test to only use docker-compose, just for learn & test)

@kev I’d recommend looking at FreshRSS for RSS stuff. I’ve been happy with the web interface for working with subscriptions and syncing with Reeder on iOS and macOS.

@boblmartens I’ve heard a few people talking about FreshRSS, that’s likely the way I’ll go - Reeder looks really slick, I’ll definitely be using that. Thanks Bob.

@kev I’m toying around with the right combination of self hosted tools as well. Trying to find a balance between Linux and Apple’s ecosystem has been ... difficult.

@boblmartens hey bob, I’ve installed FreshRSS and bought reeder, but can’t connect from Reeder. How do you configure it?

@boblmartens it really is. I think I may have found a decent app for photo sync. It’s called PhotoSync - can sync over SFTP WebDAV etc.

@kev Glad you got it worked out. It took me a couple of times to get it all pulled together ... and typing my credentials incorrectly a dozen times.

@boblmartens it’s brilliant! So much better than Nextcloud News and TinyTinyRSS. Thanks for the recommendations.

@kev Just updated Reeder on iOS and they’ve added FreshRSS as a supported account type. Pretty cool.

@kev Also, watch the URL that it creates ... sometimes it makes some assumptions around your setup that are incorrect.

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