If we were to offer hosted as a Patron perk, would you consider becoming a Patron?

CC @mike

@kev @mike Yes, with the caveat that I would contribute once a year, the way I tend to do now. I don't like acquiring lots of monthly bills.

Depends on the tier price and Nextcloud storage size.
But yes, I would upgrade.
@kev @mike

@kev Who is the “we” putatively making the offer, and to whom?

In this case the "we" would be @kev and I, and we'd be making the offer to individuals in the Fosstodon community.

Assuming there's interest of course. It would be extra expense in both time and currency, so we want to see if anybody is interested before expending either.

@kev @mike

I'm already a patron and I wouldn't stop pledging if you didn't offer it but sure i'm onboard.

@kev Do consider the implications of hosting others' files. Obviously there's privacy requirements to be met but you don't know what you might be hosting.


This was my first thought. While I'm certain the community here that is willing to donate wouldn't do something to screw you over, you never know. At the end of the day, if something problematic ends up on your server, you're the ones that have to answer for it if a situation arises as a result.

Appreciate the gesture, but it's a big responsibility.
@kev @mike

@kev @mike I'm not interested in storage - but I'd find something like Matrix or XMPP useful if you are soliciting ideas.

I really should donate anyhow though, so thanks for the reminder.

@kev i'd be totally down for cheapo pen drives with the latest manjaro or even arch on it. i dunno what kind of money an account with nextcloud is, but there are so many free versions of that same exact platform, it's not exactly enticing.

ive yet to meet a geek that would turn down a free pen drive with a live linux image on it and i can't imagine that would cost you too terribly much. could probably get a pallet of pen drives form for 6 bucks, lol.

i'd rock a fosstodon tee, too.

@kev @mike Sounds good but I'm already hosting my own :nextcloud: instance

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