I think it's important to have a Free alternative, or people that want to take advantage of this kind of technology will have no options.

"The next great platform shift is underway, and that could be really bad for privacy"


@mike the whole concept of smart speakers makes me really uncomfortable. I’d never own one, I don’t think.

@kev Does a device listening in constantly bother you, or just a device you don't control? If you control everywhere that device goes to and how anonymous that device is with the services it employs, does that still make you feel weird about it?


@mike a bit of both really mate. I don't like the fact that something is there listening in the background permanently.

@kev @mike Still though, is listening, I believe is too just hides it better and went with it publicly too I think? So in case you own a common device or even have any of apps installed, I'd say it's already late for you.

Also, I think or any other alternative that's not will do the same if they are not already. However, is one of those alternatives worth checking.

@kev Then Mycroft is a great solution for you! The "Picroft" version is compatible with the Google AIY Voice Kit (which is all hardware so don't let the "Google" part throw you off"). Instead of listening all the time, it's got a button that you push when you want to talk to it. Most of the benefits, none of the listening to you all the time.


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