I wrote a post about how online tracking works. I hope even those who aren't that interested in will find this useful.

@kev Nice post. Very nice graphics!

Aside: Your footer contains and RSS and ATOM link. The ATOM link is broken due to an extra double quote.

@ndegruchy good catch! Should be fixed now (you may need to clear cache). Thanks for that head's up. 🙂

@kev in "How cookies keep you logged in" last sentence you switched 'are' with 'a': "...where they a used in an innocuous manner."

Good quick suggestions, however I'm still looking for ones that are without a central server. For Nextcloud I'm thinking about IPFS and for messaging I want to try out p2p apps. I have already tried Briar, but it is very barebones and a battery hog. Next up: Meshenger (

And linking to subheaders would be a very nice addition to your site.

@kev good post, but it would be great if it also contained some information about tracking pixels

@qed I deliberately decided not to go into tracking pixels. I want this to be relatively easy to digest by someone not that technical.

The thought of a code snippet generating a request to the tracking platform is much easier to digest than a 1x1 transparent pixel. 🙂

@kev @qed ditto, very good, and very clear diagrams too

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