Fuck offfffff! I get this shit every time I open the app. Doesn’t matter how many times I dismiss the message, it just keeps coming back.

Lots of recommendations for Newpipe. Thanks guys, but I’m on iOS.

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@kev i gave up on the shitty app and just use firefox for youtube. there's an extension that makes it play in background too
@pootz @kev newpipe had a habit of breaking every time Google changes something on the page lol
but otherwise yeah

@kev Join the revolution and refuse to watch Youtube without using Youtube-dl to download the videos and watch them locally. No ads, no BS.

@cigarBGuitarEfx @kev I feel lame after just posting a YouTube vid to the fedi and reading this 10 seconds later

@quaylessed @kev I still post Youtube vids to the Fedi, I just assume that Fedi people are using youtube-dl or some other private way to watch them. My go to used to be Hooktube, but it is just a shadow of it's former self (it just directly imbeds the vids from YT now). was promising, but faded away. Bit-Chute is nice, but has way too much porn on it for me to just let kids use it without supervision. For now, a DDG search for the URL and Youtube-dl via VPN is the best way to go.

I am so fed up with their BS. On Android I'm using a separate app to access Youtube. On I don't know what I'll do.

@kev I advise newpipe on mobile and freetube on desktop. If you want something web based, I advise looking at

@blacklight447 @kev is sadly pro-fascist speech and the creator has refused to do anything about hate speech on the platform.

Personally, that's a dealbreaker.

@danarel @kev for you, for me its just an easy to use tool that's privacy friendly.

@blacklight447 @kev

I prioritize not spreading racist propaganda over ease of use.

@danarel @kev how is using a tool that used by someone else with a different opinion spreading racism. Racist also use cars, should we also stop using cars now?

@danarel @kev
Don't bother arguing, he's not going to understand the stupidity of what he's saying.

Yeah same happens to me. I would recommend newpipe but I think you are on ios :(

@kev Try NewPipe you'll be sure to not see a premium message :p

@kev One of a few reasons I prefer NewPipe on F-Droid. Honestly a much nicer experience... Until you have to start the video in the middle again after context switching.

@kev Same here. Keeps showing up again and again and again.. #ios

@kev You could try on the browser.. Pihole might be able to filter those advertisements as well...

@kev have you taken a look at the newpipe app? I personally watch everything through

@kev ah, I should have read the other replies...

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