The new site is live!

Still some bits to do, but it's 99% there.

@kev Looks amazing! Tried it on the desktop and mobile. Seems your categories are requiring a username and password?

@mike good catch! Redirects were being cached, should be fixed now. Thanks Mike.

@Gina yeah, considering it's only on a shared hosting account, the performance is pretty good. I may upgrade to a VPS at some point, but I'm done with web server stuff for now. 🙂

@kev I get a "default backend - 404" message😬

@kev Looks good! Tried on mobile. Only bit of feedback, the "+" in your menu is a little harder to "click" on mobile. I'd either increase the size, separate from the title a little, or just have the title be the click event to expand.
I'm fighting similar stiff at work, so this is front and center in my mind.

@JeffCodes thanks for the feedback, just made them quite a lot bigger, please let me know what you think.

@kev Great site! Just learned how to auto mount usb drives on boot.

@kev congrats! Already reading the blog post about cyborgs and us, humans.

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