A while ago, like 6 months ago, I was talking to a few people on here about trackerball mouses (I think @ChrisWere instigated the conversation).

I since bought myself an ergo mouse, well, 2 actually. I have one at home and one at the office. They’re weird at first, but really good once you get used to them. I haven’t had an aching forearm since!

Thanks Chris, I never would have considered an ergo mouse if it wasn’t for that discussion.

I bought this one for work (wired version has always my preference). It's really nice.

But I cannot use it at home: impossible to play with that and it require some time to adapt between it and a traditionnal one each time you switch (like one or two min where your arm feel unconfortable)

@Zykino I’m not really much of a gamer, so not an issue for me.


@kev @ChrisWere I have one of these at work. ANKER branding but appears the same. Like it a lot.

@rpcutts @kev @ChrisWere I've got one with the Anker branding as well. Works great for me.

@kev @ChrisWere I've talked about getting one of those and my wife is enjoying it very much. Now to get another one for myself again 😊

@kev @ChrisWere I've considered one of these for quite a while. Might end up grabbing one based on your recommendation. Thanks for the review.

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