We’ve been asked to provide a list of instances we have blocked on the fediverse.

Wanting to be as transparent as possible, we were happy to oblige. If/when we add to the list, we will maintain this page.

@kev Think it would have been better if I didn't look at the list. Now I'm curious and must check out these instances for myself.

Also, why only extreme right-wing politics, is there not extreme left-wing instances out there?

@jordan31 We've never received any reports concerning extreme left-wing instances. We try to maintain neutrality concerning politics on this instance. We are, after all, a technology instance not a political instance. If you see behavior that you believe warrants action, please don't hesitate to report the individuals or instances to us.


@mike @jordan31 @kev
Other than Fosstodon and a few other politically agnostic instances, wouldn't that be just about every nongab instance? The fediverse runs very left wing.

@oranje @mike @kev lol, I was going to make that joke, but decided to withhold it.

@mike @kev It seems appears to be offline. I could be wrong, but, can't seem to find it.

@jordan31 Looks like there's a site there, but it's no longer a Mastodon instance. We'll keep an eye on it, but if it doesn't resurface we'll remove it from the list. Thanks for pointing that out.


@oranje No. We had a revision of that page that elaborated on that, but it doesn't look like it made this deploy. The problem was more religiously themed bigotry and/or harassment. We had issues where the users on that system would follow LGBTQ+ people around butting into every conversation they could find to tell them they were going to burn in hell or using slurs. All of the attacks had a religious slant to them, which is why that descriptor made the list. We'll elaborate.

@jordan31 @kev

@mike @jordan31 @kev
That's a bit different from the impression I got and is certainly justified. That said, you are free to block whatever instances and people you want. You don't need to explain or justify it to me.

@mike thanks for the reminder Mike. I forgot to make that change we discussed before deploying the page. Updated to something more accurate.

@oranje we don’t _need_ to explain ourselves, but we like to, so people come to trust us through transparency. Plus, we would hate for people to think that we’re just flat out against religion, as that isn’t the case. 😊


@jordan31 @kev Dude you read my mind. Who decides left-wing extremism? I like the middle.

@kev wins today with the logo thing. I actually chuckled seeing it.

@kev just out of curiosity, why block a dating site ?

@kev i thought fosstodon used the toot cafe list (, which is why i don't certain awful instances in the federated feed?

@simon @kev lol they ban all free speech zones and a libertarian instance. Gotta say that list seems a little wonky.

@jordan31 @simon we used it on the original implementation of our CoC, but now we just maintain our own so we’re more in control.

@kev @jordan31 thanks for the clarification. i will likely add the toot cafe recommended ones to my personal block list (esp. the sex workers instance etc) as it made the federated feed more work-safe!

@kev @jordan31 p.s. i think blocking the switter dot at instance is prudent at instance level due to

Getting follows from bot on which was previously blocked by the tootcafe list for lolicon. Might be worth proactively blocking a few more from that list that are obviously smut?

@simon haven’t seen any reports? Please can report the accounts when it happens, this will help us male a decision on blocking.

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