So @mike has just informed me that today is Fosstodon’s 2nd birthday.

Two years, almost 5 thousand accounts, and almost 160 thousand status messages. It's been a wild ride. Here’s to many more!

@kev @mike thanks for having us in on the ride. I am curious about the requirements for running a instance like this. Can you tell us a little about the current hw, storage, bandwidth use?

@MrManor in short, I have no idea. @mike and I made the decision early on to go with a hosted solution so we can concentrate on building the community and not Sysadmin.

I know there is a lot of storage involved as all media is cached locally, but @mastohost @hugo may be able to provide some metrics.

@kev @MrManor @mike Currently the storage is around 100GB (having remote cache deleted after 7 days) and the bandwidth is pretty much the same (monthly).

The hardware is harder for me to determine as my system shares resources but I would guess around 8GB of RAM and a dual core CPU would be able to run fosstodon.

@hugo @MrManor @mike thanks Hugo, a legend with the data as always. 😁

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