I really don't want to start another heated debate here, but I thought it would be prudent to put out a statement on the whole 'Snowflakes' thing.

This will be the last I say on the matter; I will try to do better in future.

@kev My understanding of 'snowflake' was as yours. However, I'm not surprised that certain people took faux offence, created a mountain out of a molehill and flounced off taking their ball with them. You run Fossodon so please yourself.

@andyc @kev

> You run Fossodon so please yourself

That isn't how works. Kev is one of two admins and part of a team of six mods. We keep the lights on thanks to generous support from our dozens of patrons.

So, yes, we all need to follow the rules for the community we're building together.

@kev yes, it seems the dictionary says "snowflake" is an insulting word. I used to play a game where I try to observe my language and not to use incorrect words that muddle the true meaning of my intent. Everyone has this problem of using wrong words to communicate their intent.
@kev I do understand your post and I would agree that people are more sensitive to social media posts than back in IRC days 10, 15 years ago.

@opera @kev shit, I didn't even know about the homophobic slur! Learn something every day :S

@kev this is how I read it originally, but then reading about people's problems with the term 'snowflake' (for example @brandon ), I had some concerns after all. I thank you for clarifying, this is a satisfactory response for me.

I would also like to say I agree about the hyper-vigilance and oversensitivity. Reactions like @maloki 's call for a crusade seem very harmful to me, when clearly there was no ill intent and @kev merely did not understand the "snowflake" term as others do.

@Matter there's nothing much to understand as there is a dictionary meaning one can read clearly. All other meanings can't be proven if they are not in the dictionary. If people can't use a dictionary their understanding is flawed. And we get flamewars!!!

@kev Thanks for clarifying. I think the original intent still stands. @fosstodon is probably one of the best parts of the Internet right now and you are a major part of that.

@kev I am one of your biggest fans. I share this link for your personal reflection. I read it and it struck a cord with me; enough to give me pause to consider my own thoughts, which it looks like you are doing. Thanks for continuing to learn and grow.

@kev Thank you for making this public statement. It's greatly appreciated and I think Fosstodon will greatly benefit as a community. I'm happy that you're able to understand why many had a problem with the toot and that you're able to be the bigger person and admit your faults. It takes a lot to do that and I'd have to say I'm proud of you for it (no condescension implied).

@brandon @kev so you won't be moving after all? Good news I guess 😊

@Matter Indeed I won't be! It was a hard decision, for various reasons, but I'm glad I'm able to stay

@kev Although...if I see toots from people who repeatedly irk me (for whatever reason), I tend to let the words just float over me. I may occasionally Unfollow as their stream doesn't interest me so it's not a good use of my limited time.

In extreme cases (porn spammers), I may even block them but I hardly ever find that necessary (I reside on, if that matters).

Maybe as an Admin of Fosstodon, you find exposed to the public stream more often...

@kev Kev, this apology is empty. It does not matter what you meant, but what was done. You post served the same purpose that "snowflake" usually does: to disparage and invalidate the opinions of those you saw as too sensitive. If you took the term "snowflake" out of it, the post would still have the same effect. You not acknowledging or apologizing for this, but instead doubling down that you think there are too many "snowflakes" is a continuation of the problem. In the comments of the original post, you also stated that it makes you cringe to see pronouns in bios - something else you doubled down on (

In addition to that, this post is made more in-genuine because you once again have downplayed the concerns of marginalized people when you stated
that you love a post that likens our concerns to dementia (

You need to do some serious introspection on this. Your attitude reflects on the attitudes that you allow in the spaces you manage.

@brainblasted @kev you can't really apologize without understanding or contrition, and so far neither has been demonstrated.

@kev I haven't read anything, but i feel at this point everyone can identify that there is a real problem with the behavior of the so called "snowflakes".

Their communication method is to criticize every way of thinking that doesn't adjust to theirs, they want to fight harassment on social media by promoting it, they wanna feel comfortable but they don't promote a culture like that.

This is a problem, i believe in most things that "snowflakes" believe, but i don't need to impose it.

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