Editing took less time than I thought. Here is my guide on how I backup my @nextcloud instance. 😃

@kev @nextcloud "if you delete a file from computer A, that deletion will immediately be synced everywhere via Nextcloud. This means there is no protection in place for your data"

Well, since there is functionality like the trash bin (which we have learned is very persistent), and version control (you can restore files to previous versions!) this is not quite as bad as you make it out to be

@Matter that's true, maybe I should re-word that section. But it isn't a backup. 😄


@kev @nextcloud it is a backup for the users, and the admin has the responsibility to make a backup of the thing they use to make backups.

Of course, most people with an instance that will read your post will be both at the same time, but whatever

@Matter I disagree that is a backup for the users. It adds some protection, but it isn't a backup IMO.

Good points on the inflammatory statement though, I have edited that. Thanks.

@kev why is it not a backup? Your files are on another computer, which keeps track of the changes you make to them, and these files are safe since the admin is supposed to make sure they are

@kev I'm pretty curious actually. What would make it a backup?

@Matter this link pretty much explains my rationale behind what a backup is.

For me, Nextcloud very much sits in the replication side of this explanation.

@Matter change it to "if you delete a file from computer A, that deletion will immediately be synced everywhere via Nextcloud. There are protections in place, such as the trash bin and version control, but Nextcloud is not a backup solution."

@kev @nextcloud
Hi, please add in your tutos, a section how to configure a Turn server with Coturn. It's very useful with nextcloud talk.
Have a look here:

It's a bit confuse, but you can explain better i'm shure

@Maxlinux2000 I tend to only write about things that I’ve been working on. I don’t use Talk, so I doubt such a post will be coming. Thanks for the comment though.

@kev @nextcloud I have been looking forward to this post for sometime now. Thanks alot mate. I will set it up as soon as i got some free time. :terminal:

@kev @nextcloud Perfect timing. I finally got around to installing a couple weeks ago and I created a Backblaze account yesterday. I'm going to set this up soon.

Thank you @kev, this is a very helpful promotion of @nextcloud.

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