@kev Thanks have to send that to a friend who told me that a few days back.

@feynman @kev
I've heard 'If you haven't done anything wrong then you've got nothing to hide' a bit too often.

I'd like to collect together a handful of different responses to suit different occasions so that they don't get over repeated and risk losing their effectiveness.

I like to agree: "Yes, and the police should have a spare key to your house and be able to wander in and poke about whenever they feel like it, because if you haven't done anything wrong then you've got nothing to hide."

@feynman @kev Thomas Drake (NSA-whistleblower) in the 'Nothing To Hide' Documentary:

"If you say you have nothing to fear because you have nothing to hide, so be happy, not worry. I say, okay fine. Turn over the keys to your car, your house, all of your passwords, all of your accounts, medical records. Everything. And I'll put them into a special secure lockbox, but I'm gonna keep it - *I* will keep it for safe keeping... "

"Noone was willing to turn over any of that information to me."

@feynman @kev Another favourite response I've heard about is when people say they 'have nothing to hide' is to ask them to hand over their phone unlocked and pull down their pants.

I'm not sure how often people are fine with that, but if they're not then it'd be best to assume that they've got something to hide and that they're up to no good.


I heard that and that was was told a friend about and he replied that doesn't bothered him if that was big corporates like Facebook or M$. Lmao

@phelion @kev
Time for you to wake up Alice we don't live in the same world!

The ending is a bit weird. 🙄
"For more privacy advice, follow us on Twitter."

@kev Good read, thanks for the share :) I was once of those folks who said I had nothing to hide. I've grown a little since, and here I am getting rid of Facebook, migrating away from Google, and joining an alternate social network.

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